Who is Notius?

Notius Attorneys offer excellent legal advice. Not only accurate and well-researched, as you may expect from a reputable law firm, but also to the point and practically usable. That only seems logical to us.

But Notius aims to be more than that. We want to offer you a warm welcome. No stuffy offices for us, but rather a calm meeting in a cosy and homely setting.

A personal relationship with our client is very important to us. We want to be a confidential advisor, easily reachable when you need us, with practical advice that immediately indicates what to do in your specific case. That also is Notius.


Who are our clients?

Notius mainly targets entrepreneurs and SMEs, and particularly focuses on the real estate sector.

We offer counsel to real estate developers, building companies, architectural firms and investors amongst others regarding various real estate transactions, developments, leases and building disputes.

But of course each entrepreneur can contact our team for legal assistance. Think for instance of acquisitions or restructurings, drawing up agreements, recovery of invoices, but also corporate formalities.

Finally, we offer advice regarding your assets. We answer questions such as how you can plan and manage your assets as efficiently as possible, how you can hand over your family business to the next generation, or how complexly structured assets can be distributed in case of an inheritance or divorce.

Why Notius?

Notius is informal but professional. We are close to our clients and attach a great deal of importance to a personal long-term relationship. At the same time, we aspire the highest professional standards.

No-nonsense for us. We go right to the essence of the matter and give you short, pragmatic and practical advice, so that you can immediately move forward.

Furthermore, we are small enough to offer a personalized approach and be highly flexible, but big enough to bring important projects to a successful close and to ensure continuity. We are also easily contactable and can offer better rates for the same services as large international firms.

Finally, we like to act as a central contact point to follow up your file from A to Z with all parties involved. That way you can completely focus on what is essential to you.