Commercial law

As an entrepreneur you conclude numerous agreements. Notius assists you in drawing up and reviewing these agreements, but also in case of discussions or disputes regarding all types of national and international trade agreements, amongst others regarding concession, distribution, leasing, franchising, commercial agencies, licences and so on.

In case of default of payment by your debtors, you can call us in for the recovery of your outstanding invoices. If necessary we also draw up the required agreements to guarantee your claim. For persistent defaulters, the recovery procedure may lead to a notice to pay, or even a seizure for security or a forced sale of moveable or unmoveable properties. We also assist you in these procedures.

Furthermore, you can contact us for advice regarding commercial practices, such as unfair competition, publicity or use of the trade name of your company.

Of course we also offer general legal assistance. It may for instance be interesting to check if your general conditions are still up to date, if your model contracts are watertight and so on.