Throughout the years Notius has acquired a great deal of expertise in all branches of corporate law.

Upon the constitution of your company, we advise you as to the most suitable legal form, taking into account your specific objectives, activities and desires. We look at how to ideally organize the management of your company, draw up tailor-made articles of association and take care of all the incorporation formalities, all this in close consultation with your notary or accountant.

You can also contact us for advice regarding the management of your company. Think of recurring matters, such as resignations and appointments of directors, transfers of the registered office, or the annual formalities upon approval of the annual accounts, but also more complex issues such as modification of the statutes, shareholder agreements or advice regarding corporate governance rules about amongst others remuneration of directors, cooperation agreements, conflicts of interest or the role of external directors.

In case of liquidation, Notius can act as liquidator for all forms of companies, associations and joint ventures, and assist you throughout the entire liquidation process.

We also have a great deal of expertise regarding the less common types of companies and associations. Think for instance of the international non-profit association, private or public foundations, (European) economic interest groupings (EEIG), the partnership, the general partnership, or the special-purpose vehicle (SPV).

Finally, conflicts may unfortunately arise within a company. Notius offers advice and assistance regarding liability of directors or business managers, disagreements between shareholders regarding amongst others retirement or exclusion, minority claims or numerous other corporate disputes. If an amicable solution deems impossible, we represent you in court or before an arbitration board.