Project development

When you (re)develop your project, we offer advice and assistance for obtaining all the required permits, amongst others for urban planning, parcelling, socio-economic, environment and soil,…

Furthermore, we assist you in drawing up watertight agreements, so that all arrangements with your contractor, building developer, architect, engineering office and principal are clearly fixed. Together with the notary and broker we take care of good contracts with the end customer as well.

As real estate specialists we can also perfectly advise you regarding all particulars in project development. Think for instance of the division of co-ownerships, deeds of co-ownership and easements, the Breyne law, as well as completion and terms of execution. For complex projects, we always consider the possibilities regarding ground lease, superficies, usufruct or lease constructions.

During the development of your project, disputes may unfortunately arise. You can contact us for amongst others arguments regarding construction issues, the liability of your contract parties, the ten-year liability insurance of the architect and contractor, financial discussions, completion and acquisition by your end client, as well as assistance in assessments and damage estimates.