Real estate transactions

Notius guides you throughout the entire acquisition or sale process of your real estate, for assets deals, where the building itself is sold, as well as for share deals, where the shares are transferred.

We start with a letter of intent, in which the outlines of the transaction are fixed between the parties.

This is followed by the due diligence investigation. We not only look into everything regarding the property itself, such as leases, management and maintenance, but we also check the administrative side, such as soil, urban planning and all other permits. In case of a share deal, we also investigate all corporate aspects, and, in consultation with your accountant, the fiscal and accounting dimension.

We will subsequently consider the optimal structure for the transaction, taking into account the complex tax rules regarding real estate, amongst others as to registration rights or VAT.

Together with you we will also enter into constructive negotiations with your contract party in order to obtain a balanced agreement, which we will formalize in a watertight agreement, if necessary in close cooperation with your notary.

Finally, we offer assistance regarding the (re)financing of your project. We are at your side throughout the negotiations with your bank or financier in order to obtain the best possible credit, as well as favourable mortgage or other guarantees. When selling your project we can also advise you regarding the modalities for reimbursement, emancipation and release of guarantees.